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Poor Man 3D

Posted by FallowerOfHank - June 5th, 2011

You film it at an angle and you Film it all again-

From a Slightly different angle so the Shot looks Different-

You alternate between them every 1-2-3-

And THATS a Poor Man's 3-D

: D

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLHwzGq g-BI

Poor Man 3D


that makes unbelivable sense

I know... Funniest part? It actually works!!

Yay! Mysteryguitarman!

With a Mystery Guitar!

Okay so let's see...
In your posts you mentioned making series/submissions, which were:
-Paranormal Madmess
-MC Snowstrike
-umm... some madness guy trying o get out of a room.
You've only mentioned them once and for each at least a month ago.
So what's it gonna be? are you gonna make any of them or are they all gonna be fails?

Madness Mythical: Abandoned due to unorigionality.
Some Guy getting out of a room: Possible Fail
MC Snowstrike: No sprites at all for it, let alone .fla
Paranormal Madness: Not gonna make it, but want credit for whoever DOES!!
Prison Escape: Current Objective

Lol, so even Madness Mythical, your big solo project is cancelled, besides the other three?
Lol. At least you're gonna make prison escape. I guess the only other way to make submissions(if not anymore solo projects) is by taking parts in collabs(if you're gonna).
By the way, I'm taking part in another collab now, but there is a problem and I'm gonna have to talk with the collab organizer, which is 23DKiller.
There's room for more animators, so you can still join if you want to.

Not cancelled... Recalled and Restarted.

Wish me luck man.

Men are talking in a bar.
Man one: "I bet I have the world's smallest arm."
Man two: "Yeah? Well I bet I have the world's smallest head!"
Man three: "Real? I bet I have the world's smallest dick."
The next day, these 3 men went to prove their great feats by checking in with the Guinness Book of World Records.
Man one: "I was right!"
Man two: "So was I!"
Man three then storms out of the doors with rage.

That just never gets old!

Sure man. Good luck.
So are you gonna make a different storyline or are you gonna add/remove some characters?
Oh and I have a problem with which 23DKiller can't help me.
I can't find any yellow wounds or yellow blood spills for the ATP agents. Can you please help me?

Lets see, I am using my character. Mikik is helping me out with additional characters. I can work out plenty of ideas if DragonOverlord2012 decides to let me use his character(s). Anyway,for ATP bloods, just edit them in a seperate file, add contrasting shades of yellow for texture... and rename them. Simple as that.

I've been up for 4 HOURS listening to this <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGtW4AFyLyM">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGtW4A FyLyM</a>. It get my creative mind going. In fact I think I just thought up a new story arc for the series I'm writing! THANK YOU ALL THAT REMAINS!

Good luck...

Are you going to PM me or not?

Right... Heres your pm.

23DKiller asked me to spread the word about his collab and make a post about it, cause he really needs more members, soo just asking you if you'd want to join his collab.

Tell him that I might be interested in offering a scene... Just tell him to give me a damn sight of alot of time. Anyway, good luck.

Why were you jacking off in my bathroom yesterday?

Why were you having sex in my closet today?

hay guess wat, i'm remaking KT2 again.

Delete this comment.

and this one.

And this one D:

I see you're a commander in Halo: Reach.