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Paranormal Activity 2:

Posted by FallowerOfHank - February 9th, 2011

Goddamn that movie was so FUCKING Scary, that I actually set my record for least amount of Time spent asleep. I went to bed around 10 PM, I think I got up sometime around 1 AM, and spent the last 4 hours before I actually turned this fucker on. Reguardless if my cat was in my bed every night. If you haven't seen it yet, and you wanna see it, consider this a warning before you watch. Its the loud fucking bangs that are gonna get you.

On the lighter side of the news, I am still going on Madness. I might have a picture sooner or later, depends if I get the hell out of the second room, considering how SLOW I actually am.

UPDATE 1; Be sure to check my art every once in awhile... don't be afraid to review.

UPDATE 2; you guys are gonna be so pissed off, lol...

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hmm... I watched Paranormal Activity 1 and didn't find it much interesting, that's why I didn't watch the other one.

no. 2 is sort of a prequil to Paranormal Activity 1. You should watch it... If you can withstand the scares they have in it...

shit, thath movie dont's scares me, but yesterday i haved a dreamm...
Yesterday I dreamed I was in the movie quarantine and the infected was everywhere! oh jesus!
i was in a department, in the floor 20, oh god, oooo GOOD! PLEASE, THATH WAS A BIG FUCKING NIGHTMARE,! INFECTED!!!! I also dreamed that I was in the attic and I found the old woman who lived
and wanted to kill me with what they had on hand that can not see! T.T

Heh, what a story...

Well you haven't beaten my record. I once sleped for 4 hours only. It was because Iost my girlfriend. Now I have nothin. ;..( But paranormal activity is one of the most scary movies ever but I've seen worse.

Yep. No 2 actually knocked me out when I saw Katie at the very end before the credits.

Oh, and I once slept for only 2 hours because I was hanging out with a friend overnight, and we did that stayupallnight thing, watching movies, playing games, and Youtube's SuperEd86.

I once went two days strait without sleep and then slept for 26 hours strait (I had to piss so bad when I woke up)

HA! What a story!