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Now taking part in collab.

Posted by FallowerOfHank - December 30th, 2010

So many projects. Its makin mah head spin. Got a zombie flash, teh short madness short 3, and Madness Mythical. Eye Yei Yei. I better get on the collab segment.

UNRELATED: Go buy Sim City 4 Deluxe, register online to Simtropolis.com, and download a shitload of mods for it. Here's an example of how many mods I use. I think I use over 45 mods... WARNING: IF YOU SUFFER A VIRUS FROM THIS, I WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE.

UPDATE: I have designed mah first gun. Its a SPAS-12, but instead, its gonna be DRAGON'S BREATH
Inspired by Black Ops, This shotgun shoots short range flaming shells able to set you on fire to ensure you are dead. Anyway, here it is. This is only mah first, so don't judge too hard on it. In the meantime, I gotta get cracking on this.

Now taking part in collab.

Comments (6)

Very unrelated: Sanford

Oh, him and Deimos will appear in madness Mythical. As well as the MAG gang.

Your spelling makes me want to stab myself in the eye with a needle.
Good try with the Spas, but it's pretty terrible. Pro tip, find a cross section view of the weapon, THEN draw over it.

Finally, SimCity 4 is already badass, why the hell would you want to add mods to it?

Because Us faggots are not satisfied like that, and my spelling is NOT that bad. So what if I don't use proper grammar. Go look on youtube and look at alot of people's comments. The lok lk ths. THey look like this. And I type very fast. And if you think the SPAS-12 looks bad (thanks for the credit on effort) look at fabc.

nice shotgun you drew :D

keep going!

thx, although, its first appearance will be shown in a collab that someone invited me for.

Dat shotgun is pretty cool. Espicially for a first.

thx, mon. Anyway, I got a collab segment to work on.

Oh i see that you changed a Short madness short no. 2's picture thar.

I didn't have a good picture so I had to use the one u had.

That's why I don't go on youtube. I type pretty fast as well, but I still type fine, and you do have the ability to check for spelling errors before posting something! D:

I normally find spell check more annoying than you because it always target major words as incorrect just because its not in the dictonary. As for MM, progress has been halted for the collab segment I gotta work on.